1/15 HP Hush Pump – 230V


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To have clean, sparkling water, your hot tub needs filtration and proper circulation.

A Beachcomber Hot Tub pump runs 24/7, moving the entire volume of water over four times every hour and moving through the micro filter, making a clearer, cleaner water. It’s like a natural filter. The hot tub pump complements the filtration system to provide crystal clear, fresh, filtered water and holds that water at the temperature you select.

The Beachcomber Hot Tub pump technology moves twice the industry standard water flow, and creates water filtration of five to six times the current technology. This is a tough, durable pump for serious circulation duty, rated at 26 gallons per minute.

It’s also energy efficient and quiet. Our pumps uses low amperage; just .63 of an amp; this is less energy that it takes to run a light bulb.  

Beachcomber designes their hot tub pumps within the energy saver equipment to keep water moving and to save the electricity. The pump trickles electricity giving the proper amount of water turnover for each model.

We engineered the lowest cost pump to give the highest filtration, heating and cleaning.  

Hush Pump for Beachcomber Hybrid3 and special request LEEP 

All Beachcomber Hybrid3 hot tubs come with a hush pump from the factory as standard equipment.  Beachcomber LEEP hot tubs do not come standard with a hush pump but can be included with the construction during the build, by special request only (except for our 321 hot tub model). The plumbing needed to include a hush pump for your hot tub, must be ordered during the time of the initial hot tub construction. Hush pump plumbing cannot be retrofitted after initial construction.  

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