LEEP Retrofit Kit with ClearTech UV PP-1 Water Care Unit


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The ClearTech UVC system neutralizes waterborne pathogens and reduces the sanitizer required to maintain clear, clean water by 50 – 70%.
Harnessing the sun’s natural UV light, we use to same technology found in bottling plants and hospital operating rooms, to deliver the latest and greatest in hot tub water care to you. ClearTech UVC works 24/7 without producing any chemical by-products or emissions.
That means nothing harmful is being added to your hot tub water, making it the bather-safe, environmentally-friendly, low maintenance, and totally odour-free solution for the purest, cleanest water imaginable. 

This kit includes a ClearTech UV PP-1 water care unit and plumbing parts.

Compatible with Q, R, S, T, U Leep with Hush Pump & UV ready hot tubs only
(Hot Tubs with Leep logo from Nov 2013 to present)

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The ClearTech UVC system is a water sanitizing system specifically engineered for Beachcomber Hot Tubs. By harnessing the natural properties of the sun’s UV-C light, The ClearTech UVC unit operates 24/7 and produces a blue glow that alters bacteria leaving it harmless. It’s an additional layer of water treatment for your Beachcomber hot tub. ClearTech UVC can reduce your sanitizer consumption by 50 – 70%. It’s environmentally friendly and produces NO chemicals or harmful by-products. 

! Compatible with Q, R, S, T, U Leep with Hush Pump & UV ready hot tubs only (Hot Tubs with Leep logo from Nov 2013 to present). The hush pump & UVC ready plumbing must be ordered at the time of hot tub manufacturing and cannot be retrofitted after. A non-UVC ready hot tub will not have the capability to install this retrofit kit if your hot tub is not equipped already with a hush pump and a UVC ready plumbing. 


  1. View your hot tub from the front side, where the pump and equipment hook-ups are located.
  2. On the bottom left or right-side corner you should find an identification plate with your serial number. 
    Record the first letter as this will determine which replacement parts are compatible with your model.
You will see this UVC loop on the equipment within the plumbing area.

See How to install our Beachcomber LEEP Retrofit Kit ClearTech PP-1

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