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PROTECT™ helps protect hot tub equipment and parts from etching by increasing the calcium level of hot tub water. Maintain a proper calcium hardness (CH) level of 150 – 200 ppm

Bottle of 500g

pH : 9.5

Beachcomber Protect is a granular product that helps protect your hot tub equipment and parts by ensuring that the calcium hardness of your hot tub water is in the correct range. Keeping the calcium level in range prevents corrosion of metal equipment and parts. The correct calcium hardness range is from 150 – 200 ppm which will prevent corrosion or calcium scale.


  • Test and Adjust Calcium Hardness to 150-200 ppm. Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips
  • Add 15 g of Protect per 1000 L of water to raise Calcium Hardness by 10 ppm
  • Mix Protect with 4.5 L of water, stir well, then pour around the perimeter of the hot tub with the circulation system running

Water Balance Parameters
Calcium Hardness is a measure of the amount of Calcium present in the hot tub water.

Typical problems when the Calcium Hardness level is out of range

  • Soft water (water with a low Calcium Hardness level) is corrosive and damaging to the equipment in a hot tub.
  • Hard water (water with high Calcium Hardness level) tends to form scale on the surface of the hot tub and on the heater element, and makes the water feel gritty to the touch. Hard water is often the cause of two problems. The first, and less costly is that scaling can occur which causes the hot tub’s surfaces to feel rough. The second and more costly problem is that hard water can significantly impair the heating ability of the hot tub heater element. Calcium is such an excellent insulator that the scaling of Calcium onto a copper heater element can, over a short period reduce the efficiency by up to 50%. Think of a large seashell – made of solid Calcium, they perfectly insulate and protect these ocean-dwelling organisms at deep, cold levels.

What to do?

  • Increase Calcium Hardness with Beachcomber Protect.
  • Decrease Calcium Hardness with dilution, or adding water of a lesser hardness.
  • Areas with high Calcium Hardness may require water from the home’s water softening system, or trucked in water with a low Calcium Hardness level.
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