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PURE BLUE™ is a highly concentrated, liquid clarifier formulated to clear cloudy hot tub water and restore its sparkle. It is designed to coagulate suspended micro-particles to form masses large enough to be removed efficiently by the Microfilter™. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.

Available size : 1 L

pH : 4.5

  • Beachcomber Pure Blue is a highly concentrated liquid water clarifier. Through the process of ‘agglomeration’ (to gather together), Pure Blue can clear your cloudy hot tub water and restore its sparkle. Borrowed from the swimming pool industry, its formula is specifically designed for hot tubs to coagulate, or gather together suspended micro-particles in the hot tub water. It forms masses large enough to be caught by the Microfilter. The regular use of Pure Blue as a preventative measure, will help keep your hot tub water clear and sparkling.


    • When Pure Blue is added be sure the filter circulation system is on and is allowed to operate continuously for at least 2 hours

    Initial fill

    • When your hot tub water is initially filled or returned to normal operation, add 30 ml of Pure Blue per 1000 L of water


    • Add 30 ml of Pure Blue per 1000 L of water
    • In case of cloudiness, it may be necessary to add an additional 60 ml per each 1000 L of water during the week

    Tips – Cloudy water Solutions

    • Filtration : the pumping system in your hot tub moves the water through the microfilter to keep it clean.
      Checking your filter each week and cleaning it regularly is the key to having clean water.
      Beachcomber’s microfilter is easy to take out and clean and is an inexpensive item to replace. Most filters last 2-3 year.
      See our Beachcomber’s microfilter kit to preserve and clean your microfilter.
    • Filtration cycles : many hot tubs have programmable filtration cycles.
      Leaving your hot tub on a longer filtration cycle allows your filter to work longer to ensure clear water.   Your pumping system will draw the water through the microlfilter often, allowing the fibers in the microfilter to do more filtering.
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