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Ultra Start (1L) – Step 1 Sanitizer System


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ULTRA START™ is a liquid formulation of bromide based salts which create a saline bank and act as part A of a bromine sanitizer system when used in conjunction with Part B, ULTRA SHOCK™.

Available size : 1 L

pH : 7.0

  • Beachcomber Ultra Start is a clear, liquid solution of Bromide Salts. This is the activator for our UltraShock, which together create hypobromous acid to kill bacteria, viruses, algae and pathogens in your hot tub water. They also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms. Bromide remains as a stable ‘bank’ in the hot tub water until UltraShock is added. Bromide by itself has no disinfectant properties; it is only when UltraShock is added that an effective bromine sanitizer is created.


    • Initial dosage : add 125 ml of Bromide per 1000 L of hot tub water
    • Weekly dosage : add 30 ml of Bromide per 1000 L of hot tub water
    • Add Ultrashock as directed

    Water Balance Parameters

    Government approved recommended ranges for keeping hot tub clean and balanced

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