Beachcomber Blue Armour Filter Cartridge


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For Beachcomber Hot Tubs from 1995 to present.

The Beachcomber Microfilter is a critical component to keeping your hot tub water clean and clear. Hidden out of the way in a dedicated and isolated reservoir microfilters work silently to remove and filter out impurities from the water and protect the pumping equipment 24/7. Beachcomber’s 50 square foot microfilter offers double the amount of filtration medium over the 25 square foot model

  • This upgraded Beachcomber Microfilter has the ability to strain the water at a much finer rate. With just a little maintenance through regular rinsing and soaking in Filter Pure or Filter Cure, a microfilter can last for years. This fabric pleating system is designed with a very tight fit to strain out miniscule impurities for very effective filtration. It is recommended that you always maintain 2 microfilters, one to be cleaned and one ready to use.Beachcomber Microfilter Specifications:
    • Branding: Beachcomber branded individually labeled units
    • Total medium: Fully flattened fiber fins totals 50 square feet
    • Microfilter diameter : Width of round opening: 4 15/16 inches / 12.5 cm
    • Microfilter core: Diameter of inside tube opening:  2 1/8 inches / 5.4 cm
    • Microfilter height: 13 15/16 inches / 35.4 cm
    • Pleat design: 3 ounce fiber with a 212 pleat count
    • Construction: Reinforced core with glued private branded middle support band
    • Approvals: Beachcomber embossed top and bottom, NSF approved
    • Compatibility: Approved for use in Beachcomber hot tubs manufactured from 1995 to current
    • Identification: Stock number embossed for easy ordering
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