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BROMO BLAST™ is a practical soluble one-step non-stabilized bromine sanitizer and oxidizer treatment that controls bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. BROMO BLAST™ can be used in conjunction with BROMO DISCS™ as an oxidizing agent or as a stand alone treatment.

Available size : 900 g, 2 kgs

pH : 6.5

  • Beachcomber Bromo Blast is a Bromine based disinfectant and shock treatment product. When added to water, it is a highly effective one-step shock treatment that creates hypobromous acid, which kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the hot tub water. It also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms. It rapidly and completely dissolves to provide effective bromine disinfection without cloudy or insoluble residue in hot tub water.


    • Test your water to maintain the recommended bromine level. Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips
    • The filtration system should be maintained in order to ensure proper disinfection
    • Apply 6g of Bromo Blast per 1000 L of hot tub water directly to bather-free hot tub water with circulation system operating. Test for Bromine and repeat above dosage at 15-20 minutes intervals until Bromine 3-5 ppm is reached

    Water Balance Parameters
    Government approved recommended ranges for keeping hot tub clean and balanced
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