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The Hot Tub Chamois


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The Fastest, Easiest & Safest Way To Clean Your Hot Tub!

An exclusive product from Beachcomber Hot Tubs, the Chamois towel is perfect for wiping down your hot tub the next time you drain & fill. The super absorbent, non-abrasive, ultra-soft material incredibly lifts and traps dirt and grime and brings back the natural lustre and shine of your hot tub acrylic. Achieve scratch-free, lint-free, and streak-free results, and clean your hot tub faster than ever before. Easily wash and reuse 100s of times, without product wear and tear.

  • Made from high-performance synthetic material
  • Super absorbent for cleaning out water build-up in the foot-well
  • Incredibly lifts and traps dirt and grime to bring out the natural lustre of the acrylic and eliminate water marks
  • Delivers scratch-free, lint-free, and streak-free drying & polishing results
  • Washable for re-use 100s of times
  • Eliminates frustrations of dealing with a household sponge that breaks apart into pieces


How to drain and refill your hot tub 

A step by step approach to help you through the process of getting ready for Spring!

STEP 1 : Remove your Microfilter & use Filter Cure

To remove the Microfilter, twist the trim ring counter clockwise to unlock it and remove along with the floating weir assembly. Lift out the basket, and pull out the Microfilter. Remove debris from the basket and rinse. Soak the Microfilter in Beachcomber’s Filter Cure cleaner overnight, then rinse thoroughly with a spray nozzle to remove cleaner residue.

STEP 2 : Use MicroCleanse Pipe Cleanser

Before draining your hot tub, simply add Beachcomber’s MicroCleanse to your hot tub and let the product circulate overnight. MicroCleanse is an all-new effective pipe cleaning formula for Beachcomber Hot Tubs. This product flushes out an amazing amount of biofilm and bather waste from pipes, leaving a cleaner hot tub for a better experience.

Step 3 : Drain your Hot Tub 

Turn power off at the G.F.C.I. breaker or power disconnect switch.Locate the black drain/fill valve, found inside behind the door on a Portable LEEP model or under the step on the Hybrid Edition. Remove the safety cap from the fitting threaded into the valve.

Attach the female end of your garden hose and place the other end at a level lower than the drain/fill valve to ensure complete draining.To open,turn the outer part of the drain/fill valve counter clockwise to open and start the draining.Draining time will vary from model to model. Once the hot tub is drained and empty, disconnect the garden hose and close the valve.

STEP 4 : Use Tub Clean & The Chamois

Before refilling the hot tub, use Beachcomber’s Tub Clean with the Chamois.  Wipe down to ensure that the acrylic and hot tub surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, then rinse well with fresh water making sure the floor drain of the hot tub is open. This will ensure that any hot tub cleaner will be rinsed and not end up in the water.

STEP 5 : Re-filling your hot tub with Pure Start & Eliminate#1

Close the floor drain, fill up the foot-well, then open the floor drain. This helps to rid the hot tub of any contaminants that have ended up in the low lying plumbing lines. Close the floor drain. Add the PureStart pre-filter to the end of the hose to filter any dirt particles and refill the hot tub; stop filling once the water is half way up the skimmer opening.
You are now safe to turn on the power at the GFCI.
After the hot tub is circulating with all bubbles out of the lines, add Beachcombers’ Eliminate #1 to protect against the potential effects of unwanted minerals and prevent the staining of iron, copper and magnesium on hot tub surfaces and equipment.

STEP 6 : Use Filter Savers 

Beachcomber’s Filter Saver fits around and over the top of the Microfilter (Lily) basket and floating weir. Filter Saver traps debris before it enters the microfilter or heater.

STEP 7 : Use Cover All

Prepare exterior cover surface by cleaning dirt and grime off with a mixture of warm water and a very mild detergent, using a soft cloth. Thoroughly rinse and allow to dry.Spray Cover-All generously over entire exterior cover surface until wet. Wait 30 seconds, them wipe dry and buff with a clean absorbent cloth, removing any excess Cover-All. Re-apply Cover-All at least every 4 weeks to ensure optimal protection

STEP 8 : Use Hydro Mop anytime 

Use Hydro Mop anytime for maintenance, it enhances water clarity by absorbing oils from the water surface.
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