Hot Tubs – The Benefits

After all, you’ve earned it! You’re working harder. Putting in extra hours. Doing more. And probably relaxing less. You’ve talked about getting away… spending some quality time together. But when? For more and more people the answer is, “Tonight and every night!”. They’re getting away in the swirling, relaxing waters of their Beachcomber hot tubs.

An investment in quality time together

In a world so busy that many of us are forced to “catch up” with loved ones by telephone, a home hot tub is the perfect place to unwind – together. It’s a break from the daily grind that will let the two of you escape to your private “resort”…and leave you renewed, refreshed and invigorated. Luxurious? Yes. But a surprisingly affordable luxury that can fit almost any budget

Your daily 30-minute vacation

We usually have little to show for our vacations except a fading tan. But with a hot tub in your home or yard, you’ll always have a vacation waiting when you need it most…at the end of every busy day. You’ll feel the weight of the world slip from your shoulders as the waters of your hot tub massage sore, aching muscles.

Wonderful therapy for mind and body

If you’ve been putting off owning a hot tub, you’re postponing one of life’s great rewards: daily relaxation. A home hot tub is not a “feel good’ extravagance. It’s a down-to-earth investment in renewed vigor and an overall sense of well-being.

Comfort where you need it most

Hot tubs work their magic by circulating warm water and air through a system of high pressure jet nozzles to provide therapeutic muscle stimulation, and relax the user. Today’s technologically advanced models offer a wide array of specialized jetting systems including:

Clustered jets to massage specific groups of muscles simultaneously – such as the neck, shoulders, back or feet Jets which direct their stream in a moving pattern to provide progressive relaxation of a muscle group Air injection to add a tingling, bubbling, whole-body therapy

Specialized massage inserts to put just the right amount of pressure on specific areas just as a masseuse varies the manner in which muscles are manipulated. Physical and psychological benefits are immediate. Aches and pains disappear as the heat expands blood vessels to improve circulation, restore nutrients and cleanse muscles of carbon dioxide. Buoyancy lets the muscles and joints relax even more. Powerful, pulsating directional jets provide a soothing massage.

No matter where your body shows the effects of stress, there’s a hot tub system that can melt the tension away.

Improving the Quality of Your Life

The bottom line is that rare commodity called relaxation. The ability to soak away each day’s stress, tensions, aches and pains. Relaxing with your family and talking about the events of the day. Getting to know your family and friends in a completely new way. Something happens to people in a hot tub. Maybe it’s the release of extra endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. Maybe it’s the increase in oxygen flow when your blood vessels open up, speeding up your natural healing process. Whatever it is, it makes a difference. People talk a little softer, move a little slower and let the rhythm of nature take over and soothe the body and soul. The world looks different when viewed from the inside of a Beachcomber Hot Tub.