Tips To Save On Your Hot Tub Energy Bill This Season

It’s probably safe to say you won’t find too many people that don’t love a long soak in a hot tub. It really is one of life’s more relaxing activities. Hot tubs loosen muscles, relieve pain and reduce stress. Unfortunately, regular use can also cause your energy bill to spike and bring those stress levels right back again.

Before you get into the summer hot tub season, read these tips on how to keep your bills at an acceptable level:

Take Cover

When it comes to your hot tub, the majority of heat loss is through the cover. As such, it makes sense to keep your cover tied down securely when the tub is not in use. It’s also wise to replace the cover when it starts showing signs of wear or becomes waterlogged. It is an expense, but it will also save you money in the end.

Mind the Mode

Most hot tubs these days have a ‘Vacation Mode’ and it is there for a reason. If you are gone away and won’t be using the tub for an extended period, the vacation mode will ensure the lowest amount of energy expenditure possible. In colder months, you have to provide some heat to keep pipes from freezing, but in the summer, you can turn off the heater altogether if the vacation mode still seems a little wasteful.

Stop the Wind

The wind has a way of drawing the heat away from your hot tub and increasing energy bills. Things like shrubs and bushes, fences, spa enclosures or specific privacy panels can help block the wind around your spa.

All Those Features

It stands to reason that features such as jets, lights and blowers all use energy, so it’s important to turn them off when you aren’t actively using them. Some blowers can also lower the water temperature, which means the hot tub has to put out even more energy to bring it back up to its setting.

Changing Filters

Dirty or worn out filters will increase the workload for your pump motor by lowering the efficiency of the water circulation. The heater won’t perform the way it should and you’ll waste electricity every time you use the hot tub. Clean your filters regularly and replace them annually as part of your regular maintenance routine.

Watch the Water Level

This one is obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. If your water levels are dropping, you are losing water somewhere. Check for leaks and make sure the jets aren’t situated so water is shooting out of the tub. Wasting water won’t only add to the energy usage of the hot tub, but your water bills will rise, as well.