4 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips All Homeowners Should Consider

Your hot tub was an investment into your health, rest, and leisure and there’s a good chance that it has completely been worth the investment. Especially now that winter weather has arrived, and although winter is still technically a month away, being able to hop in your comfortably warm hot tub after a long day at work is always a nice treat. In order to maximize the pleasure, you experience in your hot tub, basic maintenance is required. Don’t worry, many of the maintenance tips we must share are quick and easy, giving you ample time to spend relaxing in your hot tub. Here are five maintenance tips all homeowners should follow:

Keep You Cover Clean

This step is incredibly simple to follow, but unfortunately, many homeowners skim right over it when performing hot tub maintenance. Not only does a clean hot tub cover make your backyard more visually appealing for you, but it will also sustain its protective qualities, which will save you money from having to replace it in the foreseeable future. Simply clean the inside and outside of the cover with a mild soap solution, let dry, and apply a UV rated vinyl protectant to the outside.

Use Shock to Clean the Water

You’re not going to want to refill the tub every time you plan on using your hot tub which is why you’ll need to shock the water occasionally. When you use shock to clean the water, you are effectively breaking down the organic compounds that cause your water to turn cloudy and understandably unpleasant. We recommend all hot tub owners shock their hot tub once a week, and no less than that.

Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

A good rule of thumb is to clean your filter when you shock your water, so generally, you should be cleaning your filter once a week. Not only will this save time and serve as a reminder, but it will also improve the quality of water in your tub. Additionally, a hot tub filter should be chemically cleaned once per month to remove oils and minerals that can clog the fibers on the filter and prevent the filtration system from working properly. You may not notice the immediate impact that a clean water filter will have on your enjoyment, but it will feel much softer and look much clearer.

Replace Your Water

Any experienced hot tub professional would tell you that replacing water is the “toughest” aspect of owning a hot tub. Thankfully, you don’t need to replace the water frequently, instead, it is highly recommended that you do so once every 3 months at the very least. We recommend you change your water before the cold weather arrives consistently. It only takes a few hours to complete, and afterwards, the water will feel much nicer and prevent build-ups from occurring in your tub’s piping.

Remember to keep your cover clean, use shock to clean your water, clean your tub’s filter and replace the water every 3-5 months. For more information, contact Beachcomber London today!