3 Ways to Properly Care for Your Hot Tub’s Water

A common concern that we hear from homeowners when checking out a variety of different hot tubs & jacuzzis is that they are unsure of the investment because they fear wasting water. Water waste is a concern, and we must do all we can do reduce the volume of discarded water. When customers come into our stores and check out all the options available, we do our best to inform them about water conservation & preservation techniques which are not only beneficial in terms of financial savings, but also for our environment. Here are some tips to properly care for the water in your hot tub. 

Balanced Water

Clean water is the first step in ensuring that water is not wasted through your hot tub. Maintaining a well-balanced chemical level in your hot tub’s water is paramount to conserving water as well as money because you’ll end up using fewer chemical treatments. Occasionally, chemical levels may require a thorough readjustment, which may lead you to replace your water completely. To prevent this from happening, schedule regular spa maintenance when needed.

Don’t Forget to Cover Up

Your hot tub cover is designed to do many things – it prevents unwanted debris such as leaves and twigs from landing in your spa, and it prevents it from being affected by inclement weather conditions. However, one of its primary roles is to prevent water from evaporating out of your tubs. Hot tubs covers can prevent more than 90% of the evaporation process from occurring. Keep an eye on the condition of your hot tub cover to ensure it is still effective in preventing evaporation and heat loss. 

Your Filters Are Paramount

Much like you need to clean the filters in your vehicle’s air cabin or HVAC system, the need to clean the filters in your hot tub is incredibly important. The filters in your hot tub are responsible for collecting debris and particles that are floating around in your water and keep them until they can be washed away. To effectively sanitize your filter, remove it from your spa and spray it down with your garden hose. Next, take the filter and submerge it in a filter cleaner to ensure all the stubborn dirt & grime is eradicated. Make sure that you let it fully try before reinserting it in your hot tub. 

Water conservation is a concern that presses us all, both financially and environmentally. As the owner of a hot tub, a balanced chemical level in your water, and effective spa cover and routinely cleaning your filters will preserve water. For more information, please contact Beachcomber Hot Tubs today!