How to Move Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a tremendous source of comfort and relaxation and boast stress-reducing qualities; however, moving them from one location to another is anything but relaxing or comforting. Whether you plan on moving your hot tub from one house to another, or even from one spot in your backyard to another spot, it’s not the easiest task to undertake. When the time comes to move your hot tub, your safety comes first. The following article will cover a few of the things to be mindful of when you decide to transfer your tub from one location to another.

Purchase Moving Tools

If you plan on moving your hot tub without the help of a professional moving company, you will need proper tools and materials to ensure the move is seamless. On your supplies list should be a few pairs of moving straps, at least two furniture pushcarts, many large plywood sheets, and general cleaning supplies. 

Book A Moving Truck

If you’re moving your hot tub to your new home, be sure that you book a moving truck in advance. You will need to measure the dimensions of your hot tub to ensure that the moving truck will accommodate your jacuzzi.

Find Helping Hands

Moving a hot tub cannot be a solo job; it requires a crew of individuals willing to flex their muscles and help transport a very heavy piece of machinery. For the best results, find at least 5-6 additional people to help. Whether they’re friends or family, ask them ahead of time so they can adjust their schedules to help you.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Check your hot tub’s surroundings before you plan on moving it. Is there any landscaping around your tub that may make it difficult to move? Is your hot tub directly above a flight of stairs? Plan your moving route and ensure the path is clear to avoid injuries or damage to your hot tub.

Disconnect and Drain

Ensure that all electrical cords connected to your hot tub are unplugged. Please note, most hot tubs are hardwired which means you will have to enlist the services of a hot tub technician or a licensed electrician to ensure the process is completed in a safe & efficient manner. A licensed electrician will need to run a new line to your hot tub after it’s been moved to a different location.

After you’re done unplugging it, you can then drain your tub, following instructions from the manufacturer, which likely tell you to use a hose or pump to transport water into the nearest gutter on your street. 

Place Plywood Underneath Hot Tub

Get some help from your friends or family to lift a corner of the hot tub and then place a plywood sheet underneath it and push the tub onto the plywood surface. This process will ensure the bottom of your tub is flat, which will allow you to push it on the two furniture pushcarts easily and safely while protecting the bottom of the tub.

For more information and advice on how to move your hot tub from one spot to another, contact Beachcomber Hot Tubs today!