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SOFT is a universal water enhancer that creates soothing comfortable water, improves water quality, and helps stabilize pH levels. Soft is blended from natural occurring borate salts and is an excellent skin moisturizer, especially for those who suffer from dry skin conditions. Use before each use or weekly as desired.

Available size : 900g

pH : 7.0

  • Beachcomber Soft is a granular product that enhances water quality and comfort. It has the ability to stabilize changes in pH and also prevents corrosion, scale and staining by keeping water in a balanced state which protects the hot tub equipment and fixtures. Easily soluble in water with a pleasant green apple scent, Soft produces pleasant, smooth feeling and silky hot tub water.


    • Before you add Soft, always make sure that pH has been adjusted to 7.2-7.8 to get the maximum effect of Soft’s ability


    • Add 150 g of Soft per 1000 L of hot tub water
    • Add directly into skimmer or springle lightly into hot tub water with pump running


    • To maintain proper levels add 40g of Soft per 1000 L of hot tub water weekly
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